You Can Own This Little Car With Just Ksh.100K

One of the most important rules of trade, is to make the best product in a market with a very competitive price. And that is what the engineer behind this little looking car had in mind.

The little car, face-lifted from the usual ugly looking Tuk-Tuk is now a town cherish for those who love cars but don’t have a deep pocket for such huge dents.

This car, though without a price tag marked on it, could see motorists whipping on roads with just 100K on their pockets.

Averagely, the price of Tuk-Tuks cost between 100-150K.

Uber Chap Chap little cabs tried to still this market but they have not captured it well based on their poor market penetration skills, besides they target taxi traders.

However, this little awesome looking jewel will give Toyota Vitz drivers full bragging rights after they have been looked down upon for decades.


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