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Youths Seek To Read Books To Remain Sober From Alcoholism #SoberForBooks

The World of Towtow Tomorrow is seeking to harnesses the youths to switch back to the reading culture so as to avoid drunkenness as compared today.

The movement initiated by Francis Ngira a.k.a Ustadh Okello Kimathi is set to kick off on this Tuesday 6th, will encourage youths to donate that cash they would have bought liquors and cigars for that particular day. They will have an opportunity to permanently stay safe from drinking too from the very day.
On his Facebook post Ustadh updated


On Tuesday 6th of December 2016, will mark one year since I quit alcohol.

As a celebration of the above milestone, friends, colleagues and fans of my sports opinion Facebook blog “The world of towtow” will join me for a four hours of soberness session at K1- Ojijo Road.

All you need to participate is to donate Ksh. 1,000 from what you would have otherwise drunk from 8:00 PM until midnight; after midnight, one can switch back to their favourite drink or choose to stay sober, and reflect on how much of an impact your hours of soberness have on a kids library shelve in Mathare.

All communications, contributions and books drop offs should be made through the fundsdrive co-ordinator Ruth – 0722277905

Let’s go!

#SoberForBooks “

It also seeks to raise funds to put up more library units than drinking dens in the city. Currently, the city has definitely more drinking dens than libraries.




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