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5 Best Months To Schedule Your Wedding Off


When you find the love of your heart, the little you can do is to lock up your souls using the weddings on your love fingers.

Finding the right day and month to do this love affair sometimes it can be an uphill task.

  1. February

It comes hardly after January, a month considered to be a tough time for financial matters. But Fortunately this second month of the year brings a fresh preview of how the year should be. Definitely it should all be spread with love. If you want to be specific, just put your month as your lover’s date on date 14th, Valentines date!

  1. June

June is a female name in most Kenyan backdrops. Many who are called so are so loving and romantic, if you wish to do a wedding, then this is the month.

Financially, this is the best month most of the working class are stable. Money is not stretched. Otherwise you should be good to go.

  1. August

If you looking to have a crowd in your wedding, then this is the month. Most of activities are on go slow. August basically looks more of a fake December month, with as many employed or working class getting a leave or a holiday by just making a call.

  1. October

This is also another strategic month if you need a memorable wedding day. You can easily get funding and Harambees for your wedding. People just happen to get cash flowing in at this month. What a lucky month!

  1. December

This month carry the motherly wedding. Every single day on December, a heart is literary taken by someone. It should be declared a lovers month at some point.

With all the memorable days and public holidays, it can be very tantalizing for the couples.




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