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Best Of Swahili Anchor TV Girls ‘Nakshis’

Kiswahili is a beautiful and lyrical language, but that’s hardly the reason men break their necks dashing home to watch the 7pm television broadcast.

The anchors are silken voiced, dove-eyed and so good to look at, no one ‘hears’ what they say!

Mashirima Kapombe

She does the KTN news at 7.pm and her fans just cannot stand her looks every time she reads news

kapombe yvk
Mwanahamisi Hamadi

Her voice commands a large audience and she has been doing this for decades and interestingly she does not seem to age out at Citizen TV

yvk hamadi
Lulu Hassan

When it comes to tyranny of numbers on TV viewership, the swahili queen rules so much and she can boost over this with a few swahili anchors

lulu hasan yvk

Jane Ngoiri

At NTV, no one can light a candle of reading news in swahili rather Ngoiri, she is the best of the best at NTV

ngoiri yvk
Kanze Dena

One of the best partners, Lulu Hassan and Kanze Dena rocks at Citizen TV and are the best swahili anchors just to keep on watching them

yvk dena



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