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5 Celeb Kids Who Joined ‘Matiang’i-Kingdom’ This January

Even though their parents wish them to be in their line of artisan industry, celebrities are taki g their kids for education at large.

Jalango's kid

And as January being a school admission month, several celebs have taken their kids to join the education sector.

Some of the celebs are hoping that Mating’i would be so fair on their kids and not grill them over marking like he just did with KCPE and KCSE 2016.

Here is the list of the kids with a sweet message to encourage them in school.

Jaguar's child

Back to school. Jaguar’s baby mama posted.

Nazizi's child

@tafari_firoz First day of STD 1…so proud of u and wishing u luck on this new phase 😘😘😘
Nazizi posted.

Jalango's kid

My day so far….My Queen joined class one! Matiangi pls huyu ni wangu usimnyime marks! Lol Jalango posted.

Amin's 8 year journey in primary school starts today. #AminandDad Wilbroda's baby daddy posted.

Amin’s 8 year journey in primary school starts today. #AminandDad Wilbroda’s baby daddy posted.



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