DJ MO And Size 8 Shares A Clip Of Them Kissing Intimately

DJ Mo and wife Size 8 aka Linet Muraya for the first time were spotted kissing each other like never before.

Size 8 & DJ Mo

The couple who have been singing and dancing together, served their fans with a rare menu of a post which showed them kissing intimately at Mau Escapements.

DJ Mo and wife were on their way to inspect a hotel holiday gift they had gifted a lucky couple who had gone through so many challenges in life.

Wapi Shangwe Nipe Shagwe We Had Asked Guys To Nominate A Couple That Has Gone Thru Alot And They Love Each Other We Got So Many Request Up To Like 800 Stories We Finally Got A Winner To God Be The Glory These Two Have Gone Thru It All Woi But There Love Is Far And Beyond All By Gods Grace Make A Date Friday 10am We Unveil The Winners.”




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