Grammar Checker Making Dictionaries Collect More Dusts

About 10 years ago, if you made a grammatical error, one of the most used correction tool was a dictionary, you just needed to open the proximal word and you will get the rest in their.

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And through that, you learned so much.

A single grammatical check would land you into several right ways of putting down the same problem, but today that is a forgotten story.

The computer algorithm just underlines a single word and goes ahead even to autocorrect it.

Because you know you have the grammar checker, you care less, which means that your learning process goes down.

The computer grammar algorithm have spread through our smartphones and even social media, this has equally spelled doom for the very important dictionaries.

The importance of Grammar checker cannot be overruled, but the value of a dictionary is tremendous.

If you want to be a good grammar nerd, you need to forgo with the computer algorithm. A dictionary is like another English level.



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