Lion Of Muthurwa Close To Return From Injury

Victor Wanyama will be back into full training after the festive season, this is according to Totenham Hot Spur head coach Mauricio Pochettino.

Wanyama has been on the lay off for at least four months, after he got a knee injury during a team training.

“He came back to training with the team on Wednesday,” Pochettino said. “Now we need to see how the knee reacts but it’s a very good feeling from him. It will be fantastic to have him back. He was such an important player for us last season and it’s true that we have missed a player like him this season – in a position where you have to be strong.”

Wanyama was supposed to undergo a knee injury, but the technical team played safe to avoid him undergoing such a pain and long process to recovery.

The stars captain will miss Spurs game against Burnely this season but he is set to play against his former club Southampton

Spurs fans who support Wanyama hold peaceful demo to support his recovery process



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