10 Best Red Carpet Looks At PMVA Awards 2017

The winners of the Pulse Music Video awards were revealed yesterday in Nairobi at The Carnivore grounds.

The event was hosted by Ms Chero and Mc Mike

Below is a list of 10 artists who just gave us fashion goals on red carpet.

1.Mwenda Macharia, Aisha Wanjiku and Jamal Gaddafi . The trio works for Standard Group

They look so awesome, in fashion it is not that easy to impress

2.MC Mike

He knew how to dress for an occassion that he is going to be its pilot. A white suit is only meant for careful and calm boys


Matching a brown suit and a black trouser is his fashion, he did it well to represent boys from the ghetto

4. Fena Gitu

White is her taste, when you come for the red carpet, you need a clear colour of the mood and distinction.

5.Steven Muendo

The hawk eyed Pulse Live editor looks okay with the necktie, which is not a walk in the park for a normal man to look that way.

7.DJ Mo.

A small credit to DJ Mo, he would have done better than this.

8.Connie Olouch

Being a fashionista, this is actually her passion and hobby, and she knows how to rock it.

10.Papa Dennis

Fair credit for men, excellent!


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