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10 Celebs We Hope To See Getting Married In 2018

Even though 2017 saw many celebs getting off the market, we still have a whole congregation of lovers still lurking into 2018.

As the year comes to a start, we wish to see these celebs either getting blessed with a wife or a husband and tying a knot as soon as possible

1.Larry Madowo

The NTV host has not only disclosed his love but he has remained so naive with his bae, nonetheless let us see him getting off the hook in 2018

2.Ciru Muriuki

Another host of NTV trend’s Friday show, she has not made clear about her bae, and too. But she looks awesome and we would like to see how she turns up with a man of her dream

3.Willy Paul

We all if not so many at some point thought he was dating Jamaician music Idol Aliane, but no it was just a colabo.

Willy Paul need to get a bae in 2018 or make her public just like his fellow Bahati

4.Victor Wanyama

Wanyma’s love story has never been made clear, safe for the romours he was dating Victoria Kimani.

Totenham midfielder should provide his bae and get married off in 2018

5.Jimmy Gait

Another lad who should show and lead by example is Jimmy Gait. We gotta love to see his love and wedding in less than 12 months to come



6.Huddah Monroe

Socialite Monroe has been single for decades now, it is time she get settled down

07.Vera Sidika

Another sociaite who has been single but shockingly dating. One wonders why she cannot settle down with one of the boyfriends

08.Xstain Dela

With more than 1 million followers on Twitter, the lad is still single. Surely isn’t there someone among the 1 ,ilion who can be the only one in a million

09.Lupita Nyong’o

Despite heavy romours linking her to several Hollywood celebs, Lupita has not announced anything new as for her single status

Let us hope she will not cross into 2019 again while she is still single

10.Anita Nderu

NTV Trend show commentator is still single and maybe searching incognito. May she find her best match in 2018

11.Terryanne Chebet

Even with a kid, she has not disclosed her hubby and that is probably because she thinks she is still single, let her come cleans over the issue

12.Anne Kansiime

Just divorced her hubby in 2017, We pray that they reconcile or she finds another match as soon as possible


The marriage doctor come adviser is so shocking that he is still single, bu we can only allow him not until the end of 2018 again

14.Shaffie Weru

The popular marriage doctor on morning radio shows is probaly one of the most popular bachelors aound. He should find a lady and propose with a wedding ASAP

15.Michael Olunga

The Girona FC star in La Liga has a girlfriend but we are throwing a bigger challenge in his way, let him get serious of his relationship with a wedding in 2018!



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