10 Celebs Who Attended Swanky High Schools In Kenya

When it comes to education, every parent wants to give their best so as to see their kids get the best they can in regards to knowledge.

And Kenya has got such schools, where the education is not just unique, but also international and very expensive indeed.

We take a look at some of the Kenyans who were so lucky to attend posh and affluent schools, whose one term school fees could go as much as half a million in Kenyan shillings.

Nick Mutuma

The famous Kenyan actor went to Braeside for his high school education. Braeside is a part of the Braeburn Group of Schools. As of 2022, the school fees per term of Braeburn International school is Ksh. 782,310 per term.

Joey Muthengi

 The went to the prestigious Rift Valley Academy which is famed to be the best school in entire East Africa.

Surprisingly, his brother Holy Dave went to Machakos Boys, a school where his school fees for one year could not stand as Joey’s pocket money for even one week.

What a world we live in!

Anne Kiguta and Waihiga Mwaura

The two were schoolmates at one of the expensive schools in Kenya, Rusinga schools, and went ahead to be workmates and Citizen TV owned by Royal Media Services

Linet Muraya

Despite leading a controversial life, Linet Muraya aka Size 8 went to schools most of us will only dream of at night.

She attended attended State House Girls before transferring to Hillcrest courtesy of a scholarship

Edith Kimani

Like Size 8, Edith Kimani started her high school education at State House Girls before transferring to Hillcrest on a scholarship

Michelle Morgan

The Sassy TV anchor went to Hillcrest school, one term school fees went for not less than Ksh.567,000

Fena Gitu

Another Kenyan celeb, who went to the prestigious school is non other than Fena Gitu.

Despite that, she is one of the most educated celebs in Kenya

Almasi (Ian Nene)

Former Machachari actor went to Brookhouse school, which is famed for its castle looking building.

 Parents of a Grade 5 student have to pay 2.07 million Kshs per annum.

Janet Mbugua

She too attended school at Brookhouse. And just to give you how bonkers the fees can become, Grade 12 parents pay a minimum of 2.37 million shillings a year as fees.

Lupita Nyong’o

Hollywood Actress Lupita also studied from the St. Mary’s Nairobi, where President Uhuru Kenyatta and Jeff Koinange schooled, even though she was so much junior as compared to the two

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