10 Easy Tips To Prevent Cockroaches In Your House

The best way to avoid cockroaches in your home is prevention, these are one of the most unpleasant insects that carry diseases and contaminate food in your home, so prevention is the best strategy to avoid problems with them inside your house.

The reproduction of these insects depends on four environmental factors including:

  • Temperature,
  • Humidity,
  • Food And
  • Shelter.

Cockroaches deposit their eggs in cracks in walls, corners and corners of the kitchen and in bathrooms, that is why preventing cockroaches plays an important role to prevent their proliferation.

To make this task easier, YVK  offers you a series of tips to prevent cockroaches in your home:

1- Daily cleaning of the house

The daily cleaning of the house, especially the kitchen and bathrooms is essential. Aspirating often can slow down the spread of the infestation, as can removing particles that the cockroaches could eat during the night.

2- Keep the house in good condition

These insects require water and move in search of food and shelter places conducive to nest and reproduce. It is therefore important to repair small defects in the home such as cracks, leaks or faucets that leak. These are ideal places for these insects to make their nests.

3- Caring for cleaning after meals

The dirty crockery contains remains of food that can be a great banquet for cockroaches. It is necessary to prevent them by washing as soon as possible without letting them pile up. It is also essential to sweep the soil well after meals and not leave any food in any part of the kitchen.

4- Do not let trash accumulate

Covering trash baskets and emptying them daily is important so that it does not constitute a source of food that attracts cockroaches. Also, as long as we have waste at home, they must be in tightly closed trash bags so they do not give off odors.

5- Pet food

If you have pets, take care that the water and the animal’s containers are not accessible to potential pests. Normally, dogs and cats have their dishes for food and water on the ground. It is important to remove them at night to avoid being considered as a source of food by cockroaches.

 6- Care in the gardens

Take care of the use of water in patios and gardens. Flooding help the proliferation of different species of insects. Clean often and avoid gathering tree leaves and other materials that serve as a refuge for cockroaches in patios and other outdoor spaces.

7- Ventilate properly every day

The humidity and the places loaded are conditions that the cockroaches prefer when choosing their nest. Therefore ventilating every day can prevent your home from being invaded by these insects.

8- Sealing of cracks

Place barriers that prevent entry such as: sealing of cracks and pipes, ensuring the tightness of windows and doors, as well as the proper functioning of the internal sanitation system (bad odors and the presence of mosquitoes, flies that are indicators of malfunctioning.

9- Monitor

Check often corners of the house, especially those humid and dark where you do not pass frequently, as, can be garage, basements, attics or even rooms closed, to check that there is no nest for these insects.

10- Call a specialist

When the pest has reached a large population, it is necessary to resort to highly effective special products. In these cases it is advisable to go to a professional trained in the management of pests.

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