10 Facts You Should Know About Kenya’s First Homemade Car

Mobius Motors based in Nairobi have gone into the books of history as the first outlet in Kenyan to imagine and manufacture a Kenyan made car on commercial proceeds.

The idea was founded by a British Entrepreneur Joel Jackson who was troubled by ill-equipped secondhand sedan cars which would barely handle the rural roads.

He moved to Mombasa and Mobius Motors was born from a team of recruited local mechanics

Below are some facts you should know about Mobius

  1. The car model dubbed Mobius II would cost you about Ksh.1.3 million, a price tag equivalent to a seven year old used imported sedan car
  2. Mobius features a very unique but well thought logo which replicates the idea of motor sports
  3. The car which as SUV has been designed to handle the rough terrain, a strong ladder chassis supporting heavy loads and strong tires to rough through poor weather roads
  4. The first car to be launched was witnessed by President Uhuru Kenyatta
  5. Mobius II boosts of tough tires, well built body raised above the groud and a deep black and sharp colour
  6. The commercial production of the vehicle relies on manual labour with efficient production though at low volumes. This improves its market survival
  7. The company received Ksh. 2 billion investment fund to support its large scale production
  8. Under the support of 100 employees, the firm has already done about 50 vehicles
  9. In Africa, only South Africa and North Africa accounts for the large part of 9% of vehicle production from the continent on the continental productions
  10. The team behind Mobius II are considering venturing into cargo delivery, transport and emergency vehicles

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