10 Graduate Trainee Programs In Kenya Which Pay Students During Classes

If you have just graduated from school and you looking to first land a training program for graduates before getting into the market, money motivation should be the list on your agenda.

Graduates should seek to get experience in learning the necessary skills while on the site, money should just be a source of motivation to find you on the way.

However, you should also recognize that if you happen to come across the following trainee programs, do not ignore them because they pay their trainee students, however just little to keep them going.

Working in these institutions makes it even easier for learners to start organizing their budget and realize how life would be when earning good salaries.

Learners get favors such as lunch, transport, upkeep allowances among others they usually call a small stipend.

The stipend itself, is roughly between Ksh.5,000 to Ksh.30,000.

However small it looks when it comes for budgeting, it is the best deal one can actually have at that moment.


Naivas supermarket which has chains across the country usually has annual recruitment for its staff.

To become an employee, one has to go through vigorous training of about six months.

Lucky enough, atleast the trainees get to earn something little as they await appointment letters


Similar to Naivas, the trend is a copy paste script. These two top supermarket blocks use their own raw materials to get their refined employees.


Learners are picked for hands on skill training where they are introduced rather to an entrepreneurial world.

During the study, trainees are awarded with awesome scholarships and upkeep cash

4.Wings To Fly

If you are lucky to qualify for the Equity Bank scholarship, your life changes immediately.

Students are given full scholarships, besides awarded with simple jobs at Equity Bank as they acquire experience in job market.


Kenya University and College Placement Service is responsible for picking up excellent students for the program of University and College training.

Hence, learners are given tuition fees and also money for the pocket use.

6.NIC Bank

If you looking to break into the banking sector, then NIC bank is a key company to consider.

Normally they will hire fresh graduates from their training program who had been picked for a special training.

These are usually picked during the intern recruitment program before employment confirmation.

7.Java House

With branches all over East Africa, Java House is a top hotel for students looking to tap into hotel industry.

The firms usually runs massive job recruitment across the three main nations, Kenya , Uganda and Tanzania.

The successful applicants are usually taken through vigorous training before being handed with appointment letter.

8.UN Intern Trainees

United Nations in Nairobi will occasionally pay their trainee students around Ksh.10,000 to Ksh.20,000.

9.Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways is another well-organized top firm which trains their own staff before employment, in return staffs are well equipped and taken good care of including financial motivations

10. Standard Group Trainee Program and Nation Media Group Internships

During internship and trainings, students whose stories are published or get noticed usually earn a living from that, despite other allowances such as transport and lunch as well as accommodations on outside assignments

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