10 Habits Of Happy Couples

What makes a couple happy? Many things, including these 10 habits.

We present the 10 habits of happy couples, so that all of us have the opportunity to have the relationship we deserve and seek:

1. Respect always

To respect your partner is to value her for everything she does and for all that she is, even though there are differences between you. Remember it: to respect is to accept.

2. Goodbye television

Watching TV while eating is over. Watching television every night also ended. There is always something to talk about.

What if after eating you try to snuggle on the couch? What if every night instead of television you choose a movie to watch? So you can discuss it the next day at lunch!

3. Connected

Another habit of happy couples is to stay connected. You can suffice with a simple message midmorning or a call back home.

No matter how busy or busy you are, there may always be a minute in the day to dedicate to your partner. Use your imagination, think of all possible ways to stay connected to it.

4. Presume

Do you know any couple that is criticized in public? Do you think that couple is happy? It never hurts to remind others and your partner how good it is to do something. That will create admiration and mutual affection. What is better than to admire your partner (and others see it)?

5. I do, you pick up (and vice versa)

No matter what it is: cooking, cleaning, hanging clothes … One does it and another picks it up. During the week you cook and pick up your partner and the weekends upside down; you put the washing machine and your partner tends the clothes.

This way you will know that your partner works as hard as you and that you fight for a common good: your happiness. Remember: 50% you and 50% your partner.

6. Breakfast in bed

Maybe you do not need to take it to bed, but have you ever tried to prepare your partner’s breakfast? That simple gesture means a lot to mine.

I love tea and every morning I get up minutes earlier and prepare a good cup. Creating this habit is also a way of loving him. And I know it makes him happy, and seeing him happy makes me happy.

7. Objectives

What do you expect from this relationship? How far are you willing to go with your partner? Concentrate on creating goals with your partner and fulfilling them.

Healthy and happy couples set goals both short and long term. Your relationship has a meaning for which you struggle and strive, does yours have it?

8. Real dreams? I do not know, but happy times

Have you ever dreamed awake? With your partner? Well, it’s time to do it. Every day (or almost all) share your dreams.

A trip to Africa, to see an animal being born, a week in a remote place on the planet … To which the mere fact of imagining it excites? Do not deprive yourself of putting your dreams into words. And what better person to share with your partner?

9. Contact with touch

Did you know that physical contact releases hormone called oxytocin? It is related to sexual patterns and orgasm. Before going to work or when you get home after the day some good will not eat at all bad.

10. Routine kill?

People believe that routine kills. But there are couples who eat the routine and without it they would be a failure. They have programmed their days of the week, their meals and their purchases.

And others live a day without knowing what they will do and how. Be more routine or more of improvising only you decide what makes you happy. The important thing is that you know and fight for it. Nothing else.

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