7 Scientific Facts About Happy Couples

What do scientists know about happiness in a couple? Probably a lot. After many years of research and science studies, the most obvious conclusions about what makes couples happy, and are:

1. Talk often

Happy couples spend an average of 5 hours a week talking.

2. They are a team

  • Praise and compliments are made
  • They show their appreciation with small details
  • Relive funny memories together
  • They work as a team in housework

3. In the bedroom

  • They look for time for intimacy: Happy relationships have sex between 2 and 4 times a week.
  • More sex = More joy: People who have sex every two days are 55% happier.
  • The eleven-a-week rule: Having sex at least eleven a week makes you 44% more likely to have positive thoughts.
  • The determining factor of whether couples feel satisfied with sex and passion in their marriage is, by 70%, the quality of their friendship with others.

4. Your triumphs are your triumphs

When it comes to strengthening your relationship, studies show that the most important factor is the way you have to celebrate the good news of your partner.

Happy couples:

  • They show enthusiasm for their partner’s achievements
  • They congratulate you
  • They listen to the story over and over again, letting them get excited and sharing their joy

5. Share experiences together  

  • Couples who share experiences together say they feel more loved, more supported and more satisfied with their partner
  • Take a night walk
  • They have dinner in a nice restaurant
  • Visit an unknown country
  • They cook together
  • They go to concerts

6. The Michelangelo effect

When a person perceives that his partner sees him as he would like to be seen, he will behave according to that ideal self.

Happy relationships bring out the best in the other person. They grow personally and together, and unconsciously motivate themselves to become their ideal selves.

7. They argue to solve, not to attack

When we discuss, we usually:

  • To criticize
  • Despise
  • Do dramas
  • Putting ourselves on the defensive
  • To insult
  • Make us the indifferent

When happy couples argue they try to remove tension at the moment:

  • Being empathic
  • Love
  • Giving the reason when they believe it
  • Checking for solutions
  • What factors promote happiness?

There are many determinants that make a couple happy but according to the scientists they can be summarized in 2 points:

1. Be loving and pamper the way to common happiness

2. The couple is a matter of 2, so the 2 have to fight with the same desire and strength.

Source: The Science behind a Happy Relationship (

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