10 Harmful Foods That Damage Your Skin

Showing a beautiful, smooth and smooth skin is not easy, however, good habits help us reduce premature aging, acne and other skin problems, but what about the harmful foods that impact our dermis?

Although a balanced diet helps us to have good physical and mental health, there are some products that, when consumed in excess, generate damages that are directly reflected on the skin.

1.- Seafood.

According to the Huffington Post, shrimp and lobsters are rich in iodine, which in excess can trigger acne outbreaks. Therefore, it is recommended to restrict its intake to those who suffer from this disease.

2.- Bread and pasta.

Products rich in starch and with a high glycemic level generate acne. An Australian study reveals that a low diet in this type of food reduces the appearance of pimples in young people.

3.- Sugar.

The excessive consumption of this food weakens the skin and reduces the production of collagen, which favors the appearance of wrinkles or other infections such as dermatitis.

4.- Alcohol.

Alcohol is a natural diuretic, so its intake can generate dehydration and moisture loss from the skin, as well as increase expression lines and the appearance of rosacea.

5.- Salt.

This harmful food for our body causes the retention of liquids, which generates inflammation. This action damages the skin cells, making it less elastic.

6.- Milk.

An Italian study reveals that to a higher level of milk acne, because there is a greater amount of hormones, which stimulates the production of seborrheic glands.

7.- Fried foods.

This type of products increases cholesterol, heart problems and slows metabolism; In addition, it damages blood circulation and it does not allow oxygen to reach the skin cells correctly, it is the elasticity and favors the appearance of fine lines.

8.- Coffee.

Several investigations reveal that the number of cups of coffee increases in the levels of cortisol (stress hormone), which accelerates aging, dehydration and opacity of the dermis.

9.- Meat.

When an animal is not raised with natural foods, the chemicals that are used to feed it can harm us after consuming the meat. The chemicals that remain in the animal tissue generate hormonal imbalances that trigger acne and skin inflammation.

10.- Processed foods.

They provide a large amount of saturated fats and sugars that generate skin dehydration and promotes the appearance of wrinkles.

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