10 Interesting Facts Comedian Mulamwah

Before, comedians used to rely on only TV stations available for their talents. But today Internet has changed things so much for comedians and even other upcoming artists.

With a talent, you do not mainstream media to entertain Kenyans and make money, you just need a smartphone and a social media account, then you good to be an online entrepreneur.

One lucky man who will credit the Internet so much, is Mulamwah, one of the fast rising creative comedians.

Here are some facts about Mulamwah.

  1. Mulamwah is better known as David Oyando, looks youthful and mid in his 20s, as of 2019
  2. Mulamwah, his stage name, actually means Shemeji in Luhyaland. Mulamwah is used by brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law while referring to each other.
  3. Added to his jokes, looks, the name makes the guy look much funnier.
  4. Like many other young and jobless Kenyans, Mulamwah is a graduate of University of Nairobi, who could not secure a job and followed his talent in comedy. He graduated from UoN with a degree in Medicine.
  5. His jokes are centrally about Luhya culture and traditions, as well as their upbringing in modern day.
  6. On all social media platforms, he commands about 100K followers.
  7. On 11th July 2019, Mulamwah was one of the top trending topics on Internet.
  8. During that day, Kenyans shared mixed reactions over his genre of comedy, there are those who criticized him of dwelling on tribal jokes, while others defended him for his fresh creativity in comedy industry.
  9. Mulamwah has never declared his love or marriage status in public, choosing to keep his fans gazing
  10. In 2019, he was listed as one of the fresh and top rising Comedians in Kenya

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