10 Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Comedian Henry Desagu

Kenyan online comedian Henry Desagu has broken his roof after he was listed among top 100 most popular Africans on You Tube.

He became more popular after his You Tube account with few years old, hit over 100K subscribers.

Desagu’s commedy pieces are drawn from every day challenges facing the common man in Kenya.

Largely, his pieces are set in Nairobi’s satellite slum area, Mwihoko based in Kimabu town

The report also indicates that Desagu makes at least 11 million every year on You Tube with the current subscription of 321K subscribers

About Henry Desagu

Ithagu Kibicho better known as Henry Desagu won the Youtube Silver award which is normally honored to Youtube creative content creators world wide.

The award was presented to the young upcoming comedian by Kenya Film and Classification boss Ezekiel Mutua in May 2019.

Silver award is given to Youtubers who have gunnered 100K subscribers while Platinum is given to those who make upto 1 million subscribers and Gold awarded to those who reach 1 billion subscribers

Here are some of the interesting facts about Comedian Henry

  1. He first rose to fame with his short comedy pieces touching on social affairs of Kenyan youths
  2. His comedy videos posted on Youtube largely talked about boychild, team mafisi, sponsors and slay queens
  3. Henry Desagu, his stage name, says that he started acting in comedy way back his childhood moments where he would perform in schools, churches and social functions
  4. The funny comedian is very well educated, he studied at Menengai High School. After high school, he joined Kenyatta University to pursue a Bachelor of Economics degree
  5. In campus he formed a comedy theatre which never took him far as compared to when he registered into Vlogging
  6. The self made acting secretary of team mafisi sacco says that he is the brainchild behind the resistance movement towards slay queens and sponsors
  7. As an artist, he says that he earns his wages through product endorsements and Youtube adverts. He was the brand ambassador for
    Motorhub on Kiambu Road , Treasure Garden Real Estate and Expeditions Maasai Safari.
  8. He is dating Jackie Mbugua who is an actress, vlogger and a model.
  9. Interesting Henry Desagu has been featuring Janet in almost most of his videos denouncing slay queens
  10. Now the comedian is looking towards wedding bells with Janet a Manchester United fan and himself a Liverpool fan, one of the two greatest rivalry derbies in England
  11. He is a fanatic football fan, and his favorite EPL club is 2019/2020 EPL Champions Liverpool

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