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10 Kinds Of Gentlemen You Have To Avoid If You Want To Be Happy

The success of the relationship depends to a large extent on the choice we make of the subject with which we intend to share our life. And many times we are wrong. We have 10 types of men that you have to avoid to be happy, although there are still more

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These are the men you should avoid

We review our sentimental record and realize that we have made mistakes in choosing the character to love. That’s why we want to make a list of men to avoid and burn it in the memory. Do not repeat mistakes.

1 The manly. We know that it is difficult to get around manly and find a life partner who does not have any manly trail. But the limit of tolerance of manly behavior should be kept to a minimum.

2 The controller. He calls you all the time, needs to know where you are and who you are with. It organizes the schedules, you plan the millimeter on the weekends and if you neglect, decide for you what you are going to eat all week.

3 The jealous. We will not tire of repeating that jealousy are dangers, that do not bring anything positive in the relationship and that in no case are a sign of love as some would have us believe.

4 Mummies Boys. You can also call him a kid, we’re friends. That Peter Pan that refuses to mature is not that it does not work for a couple, it is also not good for a break.

5 The know-it-all. He knows everything and therefore explains it to you all, with patience, with airs of superiority and doing you a favor.

6 The ghost. It is not the category of men who disappear without an explanation, that these are others. The ghost is that narcissistic and egocentric being that preaches how wonderful it is in all areas of life.

7 The sticky. The sticky man dreams of forming a pair of Siamese so he never gets off the hook. Your independence is in grave danger with this type of man.

8 The liar. You do not know why he lies to you, because you have not asked him for explanations of anything. And this does not necessarily end in an infidelity, but in a madness of conversations in which you do not know which part is a lie and which part is reality.

9 The sufferer. He suffers a lot, for what you say, for what you do, for what you are silent, for what you do not do, suffer for everything and it is also your fault. The reproaches soon appear.

10 The manipulator. You do not know how or why but you always end up doing what he wants. Beware of manipulation because it does not only happen in relationships, it also happens with friends and something else



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