10 Moments Showing Kanze Dena Is Struggling With Fashion At State House

Before she moved to be the current State House communication boss, Kanze Dena used to flashy her fashion with a wardrobe that was on point.

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But since moving over, she has replaced her bright and trendy outfits with the usual parliament suits which are usually dull and boring because they are overdone by many men around her.

Kanza Dena’s make-up application no doubt looks horrible before unfiltered camera lenses, unlike at Citizen TV TV where she was done well with floodlights and camera flares to ignore drawing flop lines on her face.

Like her fans, we were used were used to a smiling model face reading news in a nice way, sometimes even bad news would look good when she is anchoring,things have changed, today we are faced with someone who is defending a corrupt government, fighting politicians and demoting other State House employees.

Kanze Dena has made even good news look bad, few days ago, she proved this when she announced around 3pm that President Uhuru Kenyatta was going to address the nation, kept the nation tensed and only to announce that he was planning to meet US President Donald Trump in White House end of August 2018

Not to mention that her kid would think she is repeating the same clothes at State House!

A close look at her face, one would think she has been injected by dead body preserving chemicals.

Below are some of her epic fashion before leaving, and flopped outfits after living Citizen TV

At Citizen TV

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At State House

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