7 Crazy Things That Happen When You Not Single Single

Things do not happen when you want, but when karma, destiny or Murphy’s law decides it. This applies to life in general and to couple relationships in particular.

There are things that happen to you with a boyfriend that did not happen to you single, those things that you would have liked to happen to you then. Not now.

It is one thing for you to accept your marital status in each life stage and another thing is that you do not realize the plays of karma when you start a new relationship.

Those things that happen to you now that you have a boyfriend and that you would have liked it to happen when you were single.

1 Your ex wants to return.

It has been difficult for you to overcome the break longer than is desirable. For months you have been sighing for a call from your ex-boyfriend telling you that everything was a mistake and asking for another opportunity.

And the call did not arrive and did not arrive. The call comes now that you are so happy with your new relationship.

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The drama of the single women is not the lack of company, but the lack of sex. All the single women have gone through periods of drought in which not even peeled candidates for possible sexual encounters.

And now that you have a boyfriend, now they appear and do not stop to flirt.

3 Your platonic love is decided.

That boy you’ve been sighing for so long and who did not know you existed, suddenly looks at you and lets you know he’s interested in meeting you.

Yes, just now that you have a boyfriend.

4 Your first love reappears.

Ex-boyfriends, platonic loves, ideal men and first loves have a radar to detect when you start a relationship and make their star appearance.

Do not break your head, the loves of the past, past you are.

5 Your social life is a non-stop.

When you were single there were days when you did not have any plans or anyone to go out with.

Friends, co-workers and classmates seemed to be in cahoots so that you would stay at home bemoaning your loneliness.

And now that you’re busy enjoying your new relationship, it rains your plans to leave.

6 That friend with rubbing.

When you were single you sighed for having a friend with a right, one of those who offer you the security of having sex every fifteen days and no commitment.

But there were no candidates. It is to start with your boyfriend and the possible friends with rights come out from under the stones.

7 Your friends stay single.

It never fails All of the time you’ve been single you looked with envy at your friends who coincidentally all had a partner.

It is seen that your friendship is out of sync because you have been breaking their relationships while you started with your new love.



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