10 Must Have Documents While Applying For A Job In Kenya

The process of applying a job in Kenya should be fairly classified as a job on itself based on the technicalities involved.

Right from assembling the job required documents to searching for the job openings and finally pitching your CV is a whole course that maybe should be introduced in schools.

Besides, one has to face the cruelty of applying for several jobs, atleast for one year if your are very lucky. Not to mention unfair interviews which happen to have already a pre-determined winner based on favorism.

Today, we look at a specific daunting task, of assembling the required documents, the process has been even made difficult by introduction of payable documents which amounts close to Ksh.5,000.

Below is the list of documents you must have if you are looking to start a job hunting in Kenya especially in securing government and other top jobs.

  1. Application letter- specified to the job that was advertised. Short and brief
  2. Curriculum VItae aka Resume or CV- detailing your qualifications and abilities with correct references
  3. Educational Documents- KCPE, KCSE, Diploma, Degree, Masters and other relevant document
  4. Basic skills documents eg- Driving Licence, Foreign Languages, Computer Skills etc (Have atleast one documents)
  5. Recommendation letters- Letters talking about you from your referees
  6. Marriage document- To prove you are married, no need to have if not married
  7. Certificate Of Good Conduct – Ksh. 1,050- Payment For: Not Being a Criminal
  8. Helb Clearance – Ksh. 1,000- Payment For: Not having an outstanding arrears
  9. E.A.C.C Clearance – Ksh. 500-Payment For: Not Being Corrupt
  10. Credit Reference Bureau Clearance – Ksh. 2,200-Payment For: Not having Debts or Loans with Financial institutions

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