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10 Signs Indicating He Is Not Longer In Love

Do you have the feeling that your love is over?

Normally love ends first on the other hand, it is very difficult for both parties to stop loving each other.

Here are 10 signals that will help you to know the answer.

1. Criticize things about you that seemed attractive or charming to you since you started the relationship.

    2. They are offended easily and irritated by comments that make them harmless.

    3. Does not pay the same attention, does not pay attention to any detail or change in you

    4. Does not show any interest in the future of your relationship.

    5. Prefer to spend time with friends than being alone with you.

   6. Leave out any extra sample of spontaneous love and limited to give you the minimum corresponding to each moment.

   7. Show greater interest and enthusiasm in reading to book than in making love with you.

    8. Your partner is distant but when you ask about the subject refuses to talk about it and becomes very secretive about his private life.

    9. Shows distraction and low interest during your sexual encounters.

    10. The behavior of your partner changes and your close friends and family will notice the tension and discord between the two before you can even realize.

If you identify with these signs is that your relationship is making water. The best thing is to talk openly and make the situation clear to know what to do and keep the relationship from getting worse.

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