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10 Signs Of A Soulmate

Have you met your soulmate yet?

Here are clear signs showing that the one you have met is meant to be with you for the rest of your life.

  1. He/she is available
  2. You have peace being together
  3. The communication flows, it is not forced
  4. Your mind gets stimulated when you two talk
  5. You desire each other sensually. You know if you let your guard down there will be passion so you exercise self control and discipline. If there was no desire they would be no need to control self
  6. You can envision a future together
  7. You share the same values and idea of what love is
  8. There is clarity. You both confidently express your feelings. You are not guessing if the person is interested in you. It is clear
  9. It is mutual
  10. The person brings out the best in you
  11. The person nourishes you spiritually
  12. You both are eager to learn knew things about each other
  13. You are growing by being together.
    May you find the right partner to spend the rest of your life with and may your marriage be blissful in the mighty name of Jesus Christ

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