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10 Signs Your Kidneys Give When Something Is Not Working Properly

If you suffer from any of these symptoms, maybe it is time to consult a doctor, because you could be suffering from the kidneys.

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Some of these symptoms are common in other diseases, sometimes we overlook them but it is a mistake.

This article is merely informative, with the intention that you become aware of yourself and your health.

10 Signs That Show Your Kidneys Are Not Working Properly

Sleeping problems

When your kidneys do not work as they should, it means that the toxins cannot leave the body through the urine and remain in the blood.

The increase in the level of toxins makes it difficult to fall asleep. That’s why when you sleep less, the chances of decreased kidney function increases.

Headaches, fatigue and weakness in general

Healthy kidneys convert vitamin D into our bodies to keep bones strong and to produce a hormone called Erythropoietin (EPO).

This hormone plays an important role in the production of red blood cells. When the kidneys do not work properly, they produce less EPO.

Having dry skin and suffering from itching

Healthy kidneys do a tremendous job of removing waste and excess fluid from the blood, helping to make red blood cells and keeping the right amount of minerals in your body.

The itching and dryness of the skin indicates the failure of the kidneys to maintain the balance of minerals and nutrients that can cause bone and kidney diseases.

You experience bad breath and metallic taste

When unwanted things accumulate in the blood, it changes the flavor and causes a sensation similar to a metallic taste in the mouth.

Having bad breath is another sign of having too many toxins and contamination in the bloodstream.

Difficulty breathing

The relationship between kidney disease and difficulty breathing, especially after a small effort, is caused by two factors.

Swelling in the ankles, feet and hands

Kidneys that do not work well do not remove any extra fluid from the body. This leads to sodium retention that causes swelling in the ankles, feet and hands.

Suffer constant back pain

It can be felt in the front of the groin or the hip area. Back and leg pain is caused by kidney cysts, which are large, fluid-filled sacs formed in the knees, and are the result of polycystic kidney disease.

Swollen eyes

An early sign that your kidney’s filter system is damaged is the appearance of proteins in the urine, which can cause swelling around the eye area.

Very high blood pressure

Your circulatory system and kidneys depend on each other. The kidneys have small nephrons that filter waste and extra fluids from the blood.

Changes in urination

The most common changes are these:

  • More need to urinate, especially at night. It is considered that between 4 and 10 times per day is normal.
  • See blood in the urine. Healthy kidneys filter from the blood to make urine, but if the filter is damaged, the blood cells begin to “leak” in the urine.
  • Have foamy urine. Bubbles in the urine, especially those that require it to be emptied several times until they disappear, indicate that the unwanted protein is in the urine.

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