10 Things That Make You Seem Less Attractive

Crush yourself in the gym and show off muscles like a Hollywood star are not the infallible recipe for flirting and looking more handsome.

Clothing, hair, beard or your attitude on a date can be even more decisive than your bulky biceps. So take a good note and read carefully what things make you lose attractive when looking for a partner or a night roll. No kidding, we don’t say it, science assures

10 things that make you look less attractive

1- Your wardrobe

Dressing well and being elegant is always important, but sometimes a pretty sweatshirt with bright colors attracts more than going with a shirt and pants. By the way, very important, wear shoes or slippers, essential that they are clean and match your clothes. Retro shoes are very good, but one thing is vintage and dirt is very different.

2- The hair

Better shaved than with tickets and better. As for the hairstyle, following the latest trends is very good, but if you are 50 years old and want to dye platinum the same is not a good idea …

3- Beyond the biceps and abs

A survey revealed that a large and defined chest does not go unnoticed and cousins ‚Äč‚Äčabove the haircut and the size of the arms. So you know, butt bench press, lots of push-ups and give the contractor to mark the groove in the sternum. Oh, and above all, don’t forget your legs, that looking like a flamenco or a crane, especially on the beach, is a bit pathetic.

4- Practice extreme sports

Being the king of the deadlift or squat is phenomenal, especially for your ego, but according to a study at the University of Alaska Anchorage some risky sports such as mountain biking or skiing impress a lot.

5- Always beard

No need to reach your chest, hipsters are going out of style, but wearing a three-day beard, for example, will definitely make you more attractive. In fact, an investigation appeared in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology carried out on 8,500 women.

6- Pay half

What you pay for dinner is no longer taken. According to the Badoo dating website, most of the women interviewed preferred to pay halfway. So save the tickets and buy a nice detail instead of going alpha male with the money.

7- Play an instrument well

Don’t think badly … We mean playing the guitar or piano well. Another study, this time from the University of Southern Brittany, concluded that men with musical abilities were irresistible. And if you have a dog on top, you can’t even imagine .

8- Up that mood!

Going tormented by life no longer sneaks. It does not generate mystery or empathy, just pity. The Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, looking sleepy, dull or tired, subtracted points from the rest. So you know, first smile and then everything else.

9- Photos in front of the mirror no

No more taking off your shirt and photographing yourself in front of the mirror to wear a tablet on your social networks. Badoo and Tinder say that, in several works, they recommend putting original and nature photos instead of the gym locker room or your bathroom.

10- The morbidity of scars

As if they were war wounds, show off your scars, except those of your appendicitis operation or similar, which can give some grimace. But a mark for a cut in the eyebrow or chin are extremely attractive to some women. We do not say it, but the University of Liverpool.

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