5 Sexual Problems That Affect Most Men

More and more men are attending a sexology consultation to expose their most intimate concerns and try to solve them as soon as possible.

The problems in the sexual field until not many years ago were a complete taboo for the male sector that, due to the macho society in which we live, saw their virility reduced to bringing them to light.

Luckily, this behavior is falling further behind and the feeling of wanting to improve sex life is stronger than of maintaining the “status” of a big man.

If you are one of those who still have not taken the step, we wanted to write you a list of the most common problems experienced by men in a sexual therapy land its possible points to work to improve.


Sex issues for men

1- Difficulty in maintaining an erection

This problem is presented by men of all ages who do not have any problem to get excited alone but as a couple “deflate.”

Points to work: remove fears, learn to communicate, enjoy your sexuality and make it more broad, richer and less coitocentric.

2- Lasting longer

Many men feel that when they practice sexual intercourse, they reach ejaculation faster than their partners.

Points to work: learn to lengthen the interval between the stimulus (I get excited) and the response (ejaculation), learn to communicate with the couple, to enjoy their sexuality and that it is wider, richer and less coitocentric.

3- Lack of sexual desire

The lack of desire has always been associated with women because it was believed that men always want to have a sexual encounter; If not, the first thing that leads him to think is that he has a serious problem that directly affects his masculinity.

Points to work: psychosexual education, expand their areas of desire and solve possible things that are usually behind how anxiety, fatigue or difficulties in the relationship can be.

4- Porn Addiction

When fiction surpasses reality, by far.

Points to work: expand your areas of eroticism, fantasy cultivation and psychosexual education.

5- Sex addiction

They feel that their life is dominated by sex.

Points to work: discover what feeds your sexual desire, work psychosexual education and treat possible background things such as anxiety and fears that may aggravate this issue.

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