10 Ways Control Anxiety When Returning To Work During COVID-19

Changes in our routine can cause us to feel frustrated, angry and anxious. These in recent months have been much more common than we would like as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the changes we have had to make to cope with the situation..

How to face anxiety and achieve emotional well-being?

How to control anxiety when returning to work?

To find emotional well-being and face anxiety, we recommend some guidelines to take into account, since the attitude you assume will depend solely on you:

  1. · Accept your emotions. Give yourself permission to feel them.
  2. · Analyze what produced certain emotions in you and identify what you can do to manage them properly.
  3. · Understand that it is a priority that you are well, so that you can interact properly with others, be a good model and create harmonious environments.
  4. · Practice self-compassion. Treat yourself with the same kindness and good manners with which you treat your friends.

How to control anxiety when returning to work?

  1. · Reinforce yourself positively: “I have done all the best I could.”
  2. Remember that every crisis has a solution, it has an end and it represents a teaching in your life. “This too shall pass”
  3. · Focus on your achievements and lessons learned.
  4. · Promote that your thoughts are positive and peaceful. If you harbor feelings of fear, you will be distressed. And … remember that we attract what we think.

How to control anxiety when returning to work?

Live the here and now. Focus and enjoy the present, which is what you are experiencing.

  1. · Modify everything you can internally and in your environment; let go and let what does not depend on you flow.
  2. Maintain healthy practices: balanced meals, physical exercises, adequate rest periods, sun exposure and relaxation exercises.
  3. · Ensures to maintain a positive internal dialogue. Pay attention to how you speak to yourself.

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