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12 Rules Of Money You Should Know

If you follow best practices for how you spend and save your money, your finances should essentially take care of themselves – and you should be able to benefit from the financial security that comes with making smart money moves.

Here are 12 rules of money you should keep in your mind

  1. It is a game and you should understand it
  2. Don’t be a hater of money
  3. Don’t be a slave of money
  4. Build systems to make money passively
  5. Always have an emergency fund
  6. Provide Wants and Needs – This is why people give out money
  7. Invest atleast 10% of your income
  8. It does not always take money to make money
  9. Use money as leverage
  10. You must be able to afford 5x the thing that you buy
  11. Money is a tool, use it to solve problems
  12. Money comes and goes, so invest in your knowledge

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