13 Interesting Facts About New Competency Based Curriculum (CBC) That Is Replacing 8-4-4

The Ministry of Education led by CS George Magoha is already rolling out the new education system popular known as Competency Based Curriculum (CBC).

The CBC is set to replace the long standing defunct system 8-4-4 that earlier indicated that 8 years in Primary with KCPE exams to graduate for Secondary then 4 years in College or University after graduating KCSE.

Well, we present to you facts you need to know about the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC)

Summary of Competency Based Curriculum (CBC)

  1. Public secondary schools will be expanded to host learners in Grade7, 8 and 9. Meaning secondary schools will have both junior and senior secondary schools.
  2. Learners transitioning from primary will no longer sit for KCPE instead they will have continuous assessments.
  3. Learners will join secondary school at younger age but spend more years (6).
  4. Assessment of learners will be determined by their scores in cumulative continuous assessments beginning in Grade 4 and a summative examination in Grade 6.
  5. Learners will undertake assessments of 20% in Grade 4,5,6 respectively and another one of 40% at end of Grade 6.
  6. The continuous assessments will be school-based while the summative one will be at the national level.
  7. Private schools will also be allowed to establish ‘whole school running from pre-primary to senior secondary school’.
  8. Primary schools that have adequate infrastructure will also be supported to establish a junior secondary school.
  9. Primary schools that are under-enrolled or close to each other will be merged and the infrastructure in one of them improved to create a junior secondary school.
  10. In the 3 years of junior secondary school, learners will be exposed to 12 core subjects as well as optional ones.
  11. Senior secondary provides 3 pathways:
    a) arts and sports science,
    b) social sciences or sciences,
    c) technical engineering and mathematics.
  12. Learners in Grade 4 are the pioneer of CBC and expected to join university in 2029.
  13. Lecturers in universities will also be trained to fit into the CBC approach.

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