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14 Reasons Why You Have To Make Love

Making love is very healthy in all aspects, because it activates all kinds of hormones in our bodies and puts them in orbit.

We are going to give you 14 reasons why, that you have to make love as often as possible.

14 Reasons why you have to make love

Rejuvenates and is good for the skin.

We look younger, our skin oxygenates and the colors come out. It activates our dermis. This is because the estrogen is increased and the skin is activated and the hair becomes brighter.

It is anti-stress.

It’s like doing gymnastics, since it makes us work all the muscles, it activates the bloodstream and it represents that we have played sports for an hour. So, we relaxed and left our nerves behind. By activating our hormonal system, pains also disappear.

Increase the defenses of our body,

 because the body releases dopamine, oxytocin, prolactin, phenylethylamine, which are the hormones that increase defenses.

We become more jovial, more cheerful and optimistic.

 That happens because endorphins and serotonin are activated and put us in a good mood. They are the hormones of happiness and pleasure. It is all the mood that is coming up and the problems do not seem so big.

We reduce 500 calories in 30 minutes.

It is the most complete ideal fat burning. Not only because of physical exhaustion, but also because it keeps us in shape.

Hold couples together.

It is advisable to maintain relationships as often as possible, because sex is like a gymnastics, the more you practice the more desire you have and the complicity and affection between couples grows.

 It is ideal to be reconciled:

Since when making love, it is not necessary to speak, because the body and the mind express themselves in a different way, they work and they are reconciled. Our gestures and our looks can do more than a thousand words and everything is clear between the two.

We do gymnastics and tone muscles.

It is a way to get fit, to exercise very healthy, in which the heart and muscles work, recovering flexibility and musculature.

  It’s good for the Heart.

The heart makes the same kind of effort that if we walk fast, run or do some kind of exercise or gymnastics. That is, it is good for our body and our mind.

 Strengthens the muscles

Especially those of the pelvis, uterus and bladder, thus avoiding many collateral problems.

Cure for certain ailments

Prevents the problem of loss of urine in women and prevents prostate problems in men.

Improves brains

Develop our intelligence more, because the great positive physical activity in sex increases neurogenesis.

Cancer prevention

 Prevents Cancer in general. In men, it prevents prostate cancer and increases testosterone levels.

Brings good sleep

Help with the problem of insomnia suffered by so many people. For the simple fact of releasing tensions and doing some exercise, one can better sleep.

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