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15 Business Ideas You Can Start In 2019 With Little Capital

The dream of every entrepreneur is to find an opportunity that allows him to start a business with the least possible investment of money.

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And the good news is that in effect there are several kinds of business that allow you to start generating additional income beginning with a moderate investment

You will probably have to spend more time and effort on your part at the beginning so that it starts to grow and take shape.

Here are the 15 opportunities that will allow you to generate new income:

1. Article Editor
2. Buying and reselling second-hand goods
3. Upload videos to Youtube
4. Small  vending of products
5. Mysterious Customer Service
6. Provides specialized tutorials
7. Baby care at home
8. Computer Repair
9. Sale of products by catalog
10. Cleaning services
11. Painting houses
12. Elder Care
13. Wedding planner
14. Catering services
15. Teach virtual foreign language classes

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