Video – Watch As Varsity Lecturer Is Busted Trading Grades For Sex

Sex for grades has been one of the mammoth challenges Kenyan academic institutions has faced since many decades ago.

Since the endemic problem cannot be easily proven, the affected schools, colleges or universities have not been able to route out the issue properly.

But BBC’s reporter from West Africa reporter Kiki Mordi went undercover to pose as a student so as to try and prove the sex for grades problem reality.

In her expose, she reveals how largely female students from the University of Lagos and the University of Ghana have been facing the sex harassment in promise of good or better grades.

Through Kiki Mordi, BBC planted several journalists in these two top universities so as to try and film some of the sex pests exchanging grades after a wide number of female students reported the issue.

The puppets in question are said to be junior and senior lecturers including well known professors .

Here are some of the busted top university dons with an egg on their faces.

Dr. Boniface Igbeneghu

He is a very senior lecturer at Nigeria prestigious University of Lagos as well as a pastor and man of God at Four Square Church.

The don is based in Faculty of Arts and was widely mentioned by female students in the BBC’s expose

His employer has already issued a statement over this allegations related to crime.

Two female students faced this immoral lectures narrated how he cornered them and began demanding sex in his office, the students spoke to Kiki as they fought back their tears.

Dr. Igbeneghu would pose a good friend, fatherly figure or a father as he spoke sweetly to the vulnerable girls before groping them for sex.

Dr. Paul Kwameh Butakor

He is a senior lecturer in the University of Ghana under the school of Leadership and Education.

Like many other sex pests, Dr. Kwameh was also busted by the secrete cameras having grades for sex with vulnerable girls .

Unlike Dr. Igbeneghu, Dr. Kwame went straight to the point and asked girls to make him their side guys or rather a boyfriend interested only in sex.

Prof. Ransford Gyampo

He is one of the most respected lectures at the University Of Ghana, but one accused by many female students to be a sex pest.

But many girls are faced with shame and shy of reporting him to the relevant authorities

Watch the full documentary below

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