3 Main Causes Of Physical Fights In Couples

The problems of couple must not be lacking in a relationship, not that they are normal, in fact they are not and some can be very serious.

Despite this, some of the main problems of couples are the result of an adaptive process, that is, the union of “2 different worlds”, customs, traditions, culture, tastes, fascinations, interests that are not always the same.

You will not find a partner exactly like that, therefore, flexibility, communication and understanding are basic in relationships.


Most frequent couple problems

  1. Jealousy

It is the number one cause of problems and we add that social networks have come to facilitate social relations, the problem is compounded.

Facebook has been the cause of 28 million divorces around the world and interestingly the number one option for couples to reconnect or reconcile (95% of cases).

Since 2012, there are data that link social networks with divorces. The main reasons and testimonies of jealousy and breakup of couple on Facebook are messages, friend requests, photographs and the so-called “cell phone review’’

In the case of WhatsApp, this has been the subject of discussions in pairs, the so-called “blue popcorn” or double check, together with the time of last connection;

This is not the best, it should not be taken as normal. The idea is to encourage healthier relationships: relationships based on trust and not surveillance as if they were property and not human beings; not of a couple in which there is love and respect.


  1. Travel and tastes

Planning is a challenge for couples that can be taken with dialogue or with omission of the needs or tastes of the other.

It is not about imposing, it is about reaching an agreement.

There are places that your partner would enjoy more to go with friends, although sometimes it is difficult to understand.

The idea of ​​having an individual space when there is a relationship cannot be understood by some of the members involved; The most common cases are trips and tastes: it is good to share your world with the loved one, but respecting your space and tastes is essential to avoid misunderstandings.

  1. Food and hygiene

Where are we going to eat? The question of the bride, “where do you want”, she answers, does it sound familiar?

It is not that you get demanding with your partner or that you really like them, it is that they have to know each other:

This tastes for some food, what he does not like, which can cause allergies.Remember that they will share food on many of their trips.

Hygiene should not be a problem, however, how many couples have problems with the classic wet towel in bed.

Respect for the other is basic, put yourself in their place and work with their relationship with patience.

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