30 Movies You Should Be Excited To See By End Of Year – Part 1

We are strategically in the middle of the year and already we have got “Get Out,” record-breakers like “Wonder Woman,” but also a lot of bombs, like “The Mummy” and “Transformers: The Last Knight.”

Slide 9 of 31: <p> We aren't done with the Stephen King material. One of his most horrific characters ever, Pennywise, will be brought back to life with this most recent retelling of "It."</p>

And “Spider-Man: Homecoming” hasn’t dried from our mouths.The film industry are giving us a reason to stay indoors even on weekends and holiday.

Before the 2017 folds its 12 months, expect the following 30 movies

  1. Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson Movie – December 27
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