4 Advantages Of Hiring Flexible Workers

Increasingly, the types of work considered more efficient have undergone some changes. One of them is the preference for hiring employees who may have flexible working hours, something that has been revealed to be a more viable alternative for many companies. Want to know better how it works?

Get to know 4 advantages of hiring flexible workers:

1. Increase in the number of companies that need this type of work

There are more and more companies looking for workers who accept to work in flexible hours and who offer this possibility in the interviews for job openings to which they apply. In the United States, 25 million people have part-time jobs and 29% work flexible hours.

2. Business growth

By accepting that your employees work flexible hours, you are giving them more independence and contributing to their well-being during the work period, as they will have chosen what best fits their needs. daily routines.

3. Economy

According to surveys conducted with North American business owners and managers who hire workers with flexible hours, it was concluded that these companies achieved a savings of 49% with the change.

4. More availability

Employees who work as freelancers are usually more available, devoting an average of 2 to 3 jobs at the same time.

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