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6 Key Networking Keys For Millennials In 2021

The social networks have become an infinite space in which we can connect with professionals and experts and where the barrier of formality was broken thanks to new ways to implement these collaborative unions, which can also be performed in bars, blogs and even play sports.

Of course, millennials are not left out of this equation and, like all generations, have their own particular way of doing things.

The population segment faces a complex future dominated by automation and digitalization, with greater mobility and labor flexibility and in which the consumption of online content predominates instead of television or the use of more visual social networks such as Snapchat or Youtube.

Millennials will redefine corporate culture and encourage flexible, open models based on collaboration and data, according to the latest report from Fujitsu and PAC consultant on the work of the future.

It should be noted that millennials do not tend to make contacts at structured events, but rather in a more organic and natural way, with meals, creative meetings, loose conversations with co-workers or through their activity on social networks. Here are six strategies that you can also use to develop and maintain your network.

1) Networking everywhere

You can develop your networking skills and abilities anywhere and any space as long as it is common sense. You can quickly establish a network or get in touch with the market when shopping at a specialist store, at your children’s school, during a cultural event or when opening LinkedIn.

2) outgoing and friendly personality

When it comes to creating a community around you, working on your socialization tools and being outgoing, it will open many doors for you, as it will increase your chances of offering yourself as a speaker for a presentation, greeting experts and professionals with whom you want to collaborate or distribute your professional card at events.

3) Online connection after the meeting in person

Don’t be shy when trying to connect on social networks with people you know on the physical plane. This attitude can help you more than business cards or marketing emails. So work on the content of your LinkedIn posts and other activities in depth to make connections with your contacts more intimate and close.

4) Seek guidance

By building deep, long-term relationships, a mentor can open many doors in your professional career, helping you evaluate job vacancies, know when the time is right to quit a job, negotiate a raise, launch a new project or get trained new skills .

5) Make friends at work

If you follow the course of current labor statistics, you will realize that you will not remain in your current job forever, but it is very useful to share values, goals and projects with your colleagues, creating solid and valuable long-term connections, something fundamental in terms of both of human quality as professional use. These relationships will make your work time more enjoyable and can also create future opportunities.

6) Give to receive

Have a reciprocal posture as you seek empathy, help and collaboration from others, you must also be assertive, friendly and proactive. If you have the opportunity to recommend someone from your network for a job, an interview or a project, don’t hesitate, do it!

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