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4 Foods That Help In Hair Loss

Hair loss is one of the biggest aesthetic concerns of men and women in our country. But even though half of Kenyans are concerned about baldness and alopecia, almost none bother to take measures to prevent this situation.

And, like everything else, food also has a lot to do when it comes to having strong and healthy hair.

That does not mean there are foods that favor hair loss, but it is true that there are some that can help our hair is stronger.

Hair is a fast-growing tissue that needs a multitude of nutrients to be healthy. Among them, iron, proteins, vitamins A, C or E or sulfur are essential.

Therefore, some of the vital foods to keep our scalp healthy are the following:


And not just as food. The egg is rich in proteins, which allows the hair to grow stronger, prevent breakage.

That is why, in hairdressers, they often recommend egg-based treatments, because raw acts as a conditioner that brightens and softens the hair. Therefore, it is not only good to eat it for the nutrients it provides, but applying it directly to the hair has important benefits.

As we already know, eggs are rich in proteins, which allows the hair follicle to be stronger, preventing it from breaking.

In addition, the egg contains biotin and vitamin B, which help in the control of hair loss problems.

But in addition to proteins, the egg, as well as other foods such as brewer’s yeast, red meat, nuts or fish, contain zinc, mineral salt that helps cell renewal, promotes hair growth and delays the appearance of gray hair.

This mineral regulates the excessive secretion of fat in the hair.


Carrots are good for the eye and can also be used to control hair loss. This vegetable contains a good amount of beta-carotene, an important nutrient that promotes hair health.

Also the vitamin A present in carrots helps in the production of healthy sebum for the scalp. And is that vitamin A is responsible for stopping the degeneration of hair cells caused by oxidation. I

n addition, it should be noted that it is also present in other foods such as beef, cod liver or spinach.


Although the cause-effect relationship between iron deficiency and hair loss is difficult to prove, it is proven that certain types of alopecia are usually corrected with an increase in iron.

In the case of women, iron deficiency is usually more common than among men, and is usually due to a lot of blood loss, something that is accentuated in the period of menstruation.

Lentils, red meat and some molluscs such as cockles or clams have a large amount of iron, which will allow your hair to grow healthier and more abundant.


The vitamin H, also known as vitamin B7 or biotin, is a water – soluble enzyme mainly involved in the processes of energy utilization and in the synthesis of fatty acids and some protein.

It belongs to the B vitamins, being necessary to keep nails, hair and skin in perfect condition, combat insomnia and drowsiness and relief muscle pain.

There are many foods that contain biotin (vitamin H) and are good sources of this vitamin, among others the kidneys, I am beans (pictured), milk and various fruits and vegetables such as bananas, spinach and tomatoes. Also nuts and almonds contain a lot of biotin.

Once you have completed the list of foods that best prevent hair loss, you just have to prepare balanced diet so that its effects multiply.

Do not give the battle for lost, apply yourself and start to strengthen your hair.



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