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4 Kenyan Celebs Who Are Demanding Over 4M Dowry Prize

When it comes to bride prize in Kenya, tradition comes in hand and every community where the marriage is happening gets to discuss the bride prize.

Normally the animals and other goods related items are paramount, however, lately money has been taking over tradition and girls are getting into negotiation table unlike before.

Today, even female celebs are jumping into the deep waters and declaring their bride prize.

Here are Kenyan female celebs who have named a bride prize of more than 2M.

Elsa Majimbo

Kenyan comedian based in USA declared her bride prize when she was featured on Wicked Edition hosted by Dr. King’ori.

In her declaration, she stated that she wanted a man who can pay a bride prize amounting to not less than Ksh. 4 million

Pritty Vishy

Stivo Simple Boy ex Pritty Vishy shocked Kenyans when she declared that her bride prize was set at Ksh. 2 million.

She added that her work would be to cook and clean, but warned her future husband over overworking her since she was not married to be a labourer

Justina Syokua

Known for her hit song Twendi Twendi, Justina has been a controversial figure when it came to matters of marriage.

Justina declared that she is interested in dating rich guys who could afford her expensive lifestyle.

“Like this year I have said if a man does not bring gold, Mercedes Benz and things like a helicopter, I mean things that are of value. If its clothes, I’ve been wearing some worth KSh 50k. Surprise me to Dubai,” she said as she pointed to show how she wanted to travel outside the continent.

King Kalala

NRG radio host is another controversial celeb when it comes to matters of love and money.

The radio host King Kalala is famed for bragging herself online when she posted a photo and asked her followers about her marriage worth.

To which she declared she was worth more than 12 million dowry.

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