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4 Reasons Why It Is Better To Fall Asleep Than To Fall In Love

Being in love is a very nice stage and nobody can deny that. There are many people who feel fulfilled having a partner, and others are like opposite, those who love being single.

You can do many things without having to be aware of someone, you watch movies, you go out dancing, you enjoy our friends, and everything goes from strength to strength.

Do you know what is the best of all this?

Bed is your best company and partner. You can be 100% sure that your partner will not cheat you,  will not leave you or change you for anyone.

Sounds great, does not it? Well, it’s just perfect and in cold weather, even better. It has been your refuge for years. Every time you go out or do nothing, youprefer to be cast.

Your pillows listen to your problems and everything you talk stays there, even if it sounds crazy, I know you do too. You’ll think it’s sad to do it, but, come on, it’s a matter of attitude and self-esteem.

Therefore, will give you some reasons why it is better to have a relationship with your bed than with a partner

  1. You sleep like a baby

You can stay all night and day in your bed sleeping peacefully. You do not have anyone to remove the sheets or the quilt and much less to snore.

  1. Sheep beads

The couple is not always there to tell you your problems. It’s better to count sheep than to have someone who does not listen to you.

  1. Support your head

There are men or women who are indifferent to the things that happen to you and this can end up ruining the relationship, for that reason, it is better to rest your head on a pillow that will support you, on an unstable shoulder.

  1. After the party

When you go out with your friends and have a drink, you go to your bed in front. You did not have to explain to anyone and if you took it, you did it because you wanted to, not because of someone.

  1. Improve your sleep

It is better to be thinking a bit about the night for what you will do the next day, to keep awake thinking about what your boy will be doing at that time.



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