3 Characteristics Of Infidels

Body language is very revealing, because it can help you identify when a person is lying to you, is nervous, anxious or afraid.

Infidelity: These are the characteristics that reveal that you are more likely to betray your partner

In this case the natural reactions can reveal if the relationship you have is going to be successful. Eye: this is not what I say, says a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

This research focused on infidelity, in this study, which lasted three and a half years, more than 100 newly married people were analyzed.

In addition, they also studied the instinct that arises when looking away when an attractive person appears, but not only that, in that analysis they evaluated their reaction to a conscious and romantic action.

  1. Turn to look when an attractive person passes by

Those in charge of this study concluded that the quicker the gaze is moved when noticing an attractive person, then the possibility of infidelity is lower.

But all this has an explanation, because people who have more control in their actions often think and reflect before betraying their partners.

That is, if you are a man or woman, if you have self-control, then you will always be able to master your impulses.

  1. You love privacy

It is quite true that intimacy is very important in a person’s life, but if one is in a couple then you have to respect it, because one of the highest predispositions of infidelity is in bed.

Researchers, analyzing 120 newlyweds, who admitted that they had frequent intimate encounters and satisfying relationships, came to the conclusion that those who had more intimacy were more likely to be unfaithful.

Maybe now you are thinking that it is contradictory, but specialists believe that if someone has privacy as a priority, then they are likely to seek relationships with more than one person.

  1. Having a large number of intimate partners

This point joins with the previous one, since the more sexual partners you have had or your partner in a short time, the greater the probability that you are or you are unfaithful.

Therefore, it is very important to be transparent and sincere with the couple so that they can build a strong and solid relationship.




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