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4 Reasons why Kenyan men cheat

There is never a good reason to cheat. Why should a man cheat yet he expects his girlfriend’s/wife’s ‘sweet punani’ to only belong to him? Many Kenyan men, probably 90% of them cheat. They tend to give very stupid reasons and that leaves me wondering if truly that’s the reason they cheat. How do you get bored with your partner then start cheating on her?  Some give reasons such as; the attraction is not there anymore because she has gotten fat or doesn’t put on make-up anymore and I wonder if you have looked at yourself in the mirror and notice you also don’t have that sex appeal that you once had. Here are 5 valid reasons why I think Kenyan men cheat.

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  1. They want a variety

Men, not only Kenyan men have a habit of wanting to have a wide variety of women. They just can’t seem to be contented with one. Did you hear how much Kenyan men wanted to go to Eritrea just because they heard it was law to have two wives? This left me wondering, what if it was the other way round. No man wants to share his woman yet he wants to be shared.

  1. They are weak

Kenyan men are weak when it comes to madem (women). They tend to lack the will power to say no to a woman. Do they know how many men hit on their women everyday and they have to turn them down? You get hit on at work, on the streets, in the restaurants, at the bus. I mean basically everywhere! And believe you me if we shared washrooms it could be there as well.

  1. They have gotten away with it before

When a man cheats, sometimes I blame women. This is because if he cheated and you let him get away with it, then he will still continue cheating. Some men are also very good at cheating in secrecy and this makes them feel it is okay to continue.

  1. He wants out

A man can cheat when he wants out of a marriage or a relationship. Having sexual relations with other women can be a way of trying to make you end things with him. Do you remember I told you men do not like drama/conflict? Well they will send a message of ‘it’s over’ using cheating.

By Pauline Kagwiria



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