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40 Things You Must Do Before You Die

Here are 40 things that every person should do before they die.

Take note:

  1. Ask for forgiveness from all those people you have damaged
  2. Forgive all those people who have harmed you
  3. Take a long trip in a hotel train
  4. Forget that criticism that hurt you so much
  5. Attend the latest show of a great music band
  6. Volunteer
  7. Love someone or something other than yourself
  8. Write a poem
  9. Make an important decision without thinking
  10. Choose two friends. Take a trip with them
  11. Take a trip alone
  12. Learn to tell something funny: a joke
  13. Climb to mountain and scream from the top
  14. Spend an awkward amount of money in a good suit
  15. Grab the hand of a newborn
  16. Help someone who needs it even if they do not ask for it
  17. Make a toast for your parents. Light a bonfire, create fire
  18. Practice a risky sport you always wanted to do
  19. Walk anywhere at least 20 km away
  20. Take a month of rest
  21. Keep a secret for life
  22. Carry out your sexual fantasy
  23. Write a journal of your life and give it to your children
  24. Give someone something of great value to you
  25. Listen to a song that brings back memories of the past
  26. Leave your job if it does not make you happy
  27. Sleep a night out: in a forest, in a park .
  28. Be the best in something. In whatever, as if you’re the best at making toast with butter
  29. Bring life to this world
  30. Overcome the fear of death
  31. Have a conversation with a stranger
  32. Plant a tree and watch it grow
  33. Create something with your hands
  34. Look at an old photo of your family
  35. Swim naked in the sea
  36. Talk to your father about what his life was like before you knew him
  37. Be an example for your children
  38. Master a skill with your non-dominant hand: write, brush your teeth
  39. Fall in love. Something, someone ,  but do it
  40. Attends the birth of an animal
  41. Do something incredibly interesting that does not involve money
  42. Reencounter with your best childhood friend

Smile and feel proud. It is your life, you have created it

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