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11 Basic Rules To Find The True Love Of Your Life

You have gone through times in which you have loved being single and others in which you have done it.

Moments in which you have wished to have someone to clothe you and others in whom you loved the solitude of your bed.

If you are in that time in which you want to find the love of your life, follow these 11 tips:

1. It is not always true that love comes when you least seek it

That is like saying “you will find a job when you least look for it”. Most people who are waiting for a job to come by magic are those who do not have it. This thought is just an excuse to feed your fear and let yourself go.

Of course, sometimes you find the love of your life when you least want it, but waiting for that to happen is not a good strategy. Strive to find someone, do not get impatient but do not leave everything in the hands of fate either.

2. Go where there are people who like the same things like you

You can skip the singles parties if you do not like them, but you should go to events and places where you can meet people. Join groups or social gatherings -like the web meetup-.

Become a volunteer in a cause you believe in. Get involved in political parties. At least you are doing something that you like and in the best case you can find someone related to your interests.

3. Do not look for a romance, look for a relationship

The romances are for dates and moments that you want to be fooling with someone, worse a relationship is the one that will give you stability and support you in difficult times.

Do not look for someone to give you ears. Search for someone who gives you life, who seeks and values ​​your opinion. That cares about what you want.

4. Happy people attract. Be a positive person

Maybe the problem that you cannot find the love of your life is that you do not feel good about yourself.

It’s like the life you have and the one you’d like to have. You have to make an effort to be the kind of person you would like to know.

If you are not a positive person and sure of yourself you will not be in the right condition to know the right type of person.

Go to a psychologist if you have depressive problems, create an exercise routine and create habits to eat well. If you are shy, develop skills to overcome your insecurity.

You are not finished product. You can always improve and grow. With love, the same thing happens: you have to train yourself to be the kind of couple you aspire to be.

5. Take time to be alone

If you have had bad experiences in the past it is important that you take some time to be alone. You can find the right person if you take time to heal, it is only to find out who you are again, reflect on what went wrong. So you will not repeat the same mistakes again and again.

6. Sexual attraction is not everything

Good love is slow cooking, it takes time to develop. Attraction is essential, but you do not have to feel it immediately.

Let the time pass so that the emotion deepens and you are not impatient with what you are supposed to feel. Let everything flow.

7. Beware of the theory that opposite poles attract each other

It is true that the opposite poles attract each other, but nothing more.

Like-minded people are those who have long-term, healthy and successful relationships. The easier it is for you to understand each other, the easier it is for your relationship to be happy and successful.

8. Become an obsessed optimist

You will find the love of your life. Believe it because it is true.

Trust fully that you will find that person who adds you, that gives you balance, that grows with you. You will find the love of your life.

9. Know your own needs

Do you need a lot of space? Many signs of affection? Do you have to have everything under control?

Whatever your style is, but you must be aware of your own needs and be able to communicate this to your future partner. You can improve and grow together if you both know what the other needs.

10. Learn the difference between a roll and a real relationship

You can sleep with whoever you want and flirt with whoever you want, but before putting someone in your life and sharing space with them, think about what kind of relationship you can bring.

The person you’re dating right now is showing you his or her best side. The bad comes later, so make sure you know your most hidden side before you go too far.

11. Do not catch yourself in an impossible love

Clinging to someone who is not interested in you does not allow you to move forward. If you want to find the love of your life in your present, you must close with your past.

You have to see it as a big black hole under your feet where you have to leave it or you will end up burying it. And no one underground has ever found his true love.

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