Woman Dies After Doctors Erroneously Treat Her With A Chemical Meant For Dead Bodies

A 27-year-old woman, named Ekaterina Fedyaeva, was embalmed alive, which caused her severe pain.

She went to a medical center in Ulyanovsk, a Russian city, for a routine procedure, and was medicated with a substance to treat the corpses.

Fedyaeva died after unbearable agony after she was embalmed alive due to a terrible medical error.

The mother of the victim accused of the murder after they put her daughter in a drip of formalin, a solution containing formaldehyde, instead of saline.

The woman had been in the hospital in her hometown of Ulyanovsk in Russia for routine surgery, and she had been given to drip normally infused into the veins of the dead people to avoid decomposition.

Ekaterina suffered horrible pains and convulsions for two days before falling into coma, her condition worsened and she was connected to a life support machine and her heart stopped several times.

After being flown to Moscow hospital, she woke up from her coma, but eventually died of a multiple organ failure.

Over the past few weeks ago, Kenyatta National Hospital doctors were also on the same bad light after they opened a skull of a wrong patient who was supposed to be taken through a brain tumor removal surgery



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