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45 Easy Ways To Make It Into A Woman’s Heart

Do you want to fall madly in love with a woman? Here are 45 tips to get started.

Just a warning: Dosage the ideas and do not even think about putting these tips into practice at once, you will become her slave, with no possibility of ever releasing you.

Ready? Here they go;

1. Ask her to dance with you. If you are able to ask for it at the right time and after the necessary romantic environment, there will be nothing simpler and more effective.

2. Kiss her in the line between her shoulders when she turns to sleep.

3. When she arrives from the work, cross the entrance to the stairs to meet her, walk towards her, to see her as soon as possible.

4. On windy days, remove her unruly hair from her eyes and  mouth

5. Put her arms around her neck or waist when you go to enter her friends or her family.

6. Take her hand in special moments . Kiss her passionately from time to time (how to kiss, in case you forgot).

7. Call her when you feel sad.

8. Kiss her eyelids.

9. Tell her to tell you things and show her pictures of when she was a child.

10. Wash her from her head to her feet when you are in a shower.

11. If she cries on the phone, go running to where she is. Immediately.

12. Make love in an unexpected place and in an unexpected or unusual way.

13. From time to time, call her name and surname.

14. Buy her favorite music album of all time in vinyl format.

15. Realize when she is wearing something new and tell her how good it feels.

16. Carry her in your arms, take her off and put her on the bed when she has fallen asleep in the car or in the living room.

17. You mention her next anniversary or birthday before she does.

18. Send something to her email. Anything, a postcard, a phrase, an image .

19. When she feels insecure, look her straight in the eyes and tell her that there is no one in the world that can be perfect for you as she is.

20. Call her before making a trip.

21. Pick up her clothes from the floor. It seems to minimal detail, but you will like .

22. Try desperately to make her laugh when a fall comes.

23. Take her to see her favorite sport live. Pay more attention to it than to the game.

24. Touch her arm or caress her when you leave the table to go to the bathroom. Touch her again when you come back.

25. Affect herself just before you see it. She will notice.

26. Hold her when you feel jealous. Hold her so tight.

27. Give worship to her breasts.

28. Give her a jewel.

29. Take two towels when you leave the shower (the second is for her hair).

30. Ask her concrete things about her work.

31. Keep her favorite cereal on hand, the food or drink you know she likes

32. In the middle of a conversation, tell her that you love her.

33. Send flowers after a very special night for both of you.

34. Take her to a cabin with a fireplace. Light to fire.

35. Say her name when you make love to her.

36. Read or tell a romantic story when it is her turn to drive during a long journey.

37. Offer to fix something of her own that you have noticed is broken.

38. When you order a coffee, remember exactly how she likes it.

39. Make love to her while standing, against a wall.

40. Kiss her hand in front of her friends.

41. If you are too stressed for sex, you can:

  • Prepare a good bath
  • Give her a massage all over her body
  • Ask her if he wants a “friendly” fight

42. Put some romantic idea into practice from time to time.

43. Remind her from time to time about things and details of when you fell in love.

44. Make her a perfect breakfast or take things to bed that she likes.

45. Take her to her favorite store, without telling her in advance.

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