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5 Carelessness In Privacy For Which You Can Get Pregnant

If it is not in your short-term plans to be a mother, it is extremely important to take care of certain types of details that may seem “helpless” at the time of sex.

So if you want to avoid that the news that you are going to fall as a bucket of cold water, check these details or carelessness that you should avoid to avoid this situation.

Put on the condom after penetration

During “pre-heating”, the penis sheds a liquid called preseminal that has minimal amounts of sperm; much less than in ejaculation, but it could also fertilize the ovum.

Open the condom packaging with your mouth

No matter how careful you are when opening the package, you can punch up the condom. The worst thing is that sometimes these openings are so small that they could go unnoticed and not take alternate measures to avoid pregnancy.

The rhythm method

Even if you have years of practice with him, a bad count or a change in your body could be an oversight under the sheets and trigger a pregnancy.

In a tub

Without the need for penetration, your partner’s cum can get close to your vulva and get in touch with your vagina. So if you are just “fidgeting”, take it into account.

Have sex in your days

Sperm has a life of up to five days, so if you have unprotected sex during the last days of your period, you are more likely to become pregnant.




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