5 Deadly Terms Used By Women During An Argument

They say that a brain of a man starts working the minute he is born, and stops when he dies or he is asked by his wife where he was last night.

It is not clear how the above statement is true, but they further claim that a woman would make the following deadly terms in an argument, it is good you should know.


This a term used by women in an argument when they feel they are very right and you are just stupid, they mean that you should just shut up. Keeping on with the argument would worsen the bad situation.


This actually means in its opposite, it means something is not good and you should be very much worried than you are.

If not, start accessing the situation and sort out things before they are worse

3.Go ahead

If you dare go ahead, it would actually be the stat of all bad evils to her, It is rather a permission not to do it. Rather stop everything else and dare not to do anything at all. Seek to solve the menace rather.


This is not an amusement comment or term, she is just mesmerized that yo can be that stupid to attempt such a thing in your life, She can’t believe you in that matter


This is a way of the woman setting you up for a screw, She wants to read your moves and punish you by your mistakes. Be careful on your next move

6.That’s Okay

She is just thinking hard and long on how you will end up painfully paying for your own made mistakes. This statement means that you should be ready for anything from her, obviously not good at all.

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