5 Key Differences Between Rats And Mice

Mice and rats have as many differences as there are similarities between them. Generally, the easiest way to differentiate the two species of rodents is to establish simple morphological comparisons

Characteristics of rats:

  1. They prefer to nest in remote places, either close to the ground or elevated.
  2. Gray and hairless tails.
  3. They measure from 5 to 15 inches.
  4. Small ears regarding the proportion with their heads.
  5. Litters of 5 to 15 pups

Characteristics of the mice:

  1. They build burrows.
  2. Long and thin tail.
  3. They measure 3 to 4 inches.
  4. Big ears regarding proportion are their heads.
  5. Litters of 7 to 20 pups

Same problem

Rats and mice are undoubtedly a serious problem when they inhabit or feed in businesses or homes.

They frequently enter the properties in search of food and heat during the colder months.

As a result, food is consumed or contaminated, can cause serious economic damage by gnawing on electrical installations, walls and furniture, both species spread diseases, leaving contaminants on the surfaces where they eat or prepare food.

However, although they have characteristics that differentiate both types of rodents are pests and is very important and necessary to exercise immediate control to avoid the consequences of an infestation.

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